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Romania Noir at Belgravia Books

Crime Fiction from Romania at Belgravia Books

Tuesday 30 April 2013: TALK

18:30, Belgravia Books, 59 Ebury Street, London SW1W 0NZ (map here)

Tel. 020 7259 9336; E-mail:
Free entry. Book early. Limited space availability.

“Belgravia Books is pleased to partner with Profusion Publishers ( for this event. Ramona Mitrica from Profusion and author Mike Phillips
will guide you through a fascinating literary world you never thought existed. They are responsible of bringing to Britain a never-before-seen glimpse of Romania, with a series of Romanian noir with a difference: novels that certainly thrill, but also books which can show the audience the reality of a country which used to be behind the Iron Curtain but now emerges as a vibrant European partner after a bloody revolution and a long transition to a market-economy.”

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