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Rimaru - Butcher of Bucharest: Out Now on Kindle, Coming Soon in Paperback

cover Rimaru - Butcher of Bucharest

by Mike Phillips and Stej─ârel Olaru

OUT NOW as a Kindle e-book
Coming soon in paperback

An inexorable accretion of detail, maintaining a firm grip on the reader's attention... a cool, uninflected narrative that allows the facts to speak for themselves to chilling effect... the customary banality of evil, but also the fashion in which that evil can flourish in a totalitarian state. It is a chilling and salutary read.
Barry Forshaw
writer and journalist -  British Crime Writing: An Encyclopedia

An almost perfect reconstruction... a huge effort of research which reconstitutes the destiny of a murderer framed in his multiple contexts – domestic, social and historical... exceptionally well conceived and very well written!
Liviu Antonesei
writer and journalist - editor of Timpul, Romania’s leading arts magazine

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Edited by Ramona Mitrica. Profusion Books (Profusion Crime Series)
• Paperback (May 2012), 200 pages, Language: English, ISBN-13: 978-0956867636. RRP £7.99
• Kindle Edition (Apr 2012), Language: English, ASIN: B007XJ6RRG. List price: £3.08

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