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Happy International Translation Day! - 01 October 2016

 translated books

A growing list of English translations at Profusion

This is an announcement relaunching our list of translated books which have been published recently. They consist of popular novels and non fiction, augmented by one important European classic and this list represents a new push into the market for Central and East European fiction.

In the last few years a number of commercial opportunities have opened up for these books. Firstly, the growing population of East European readers have had little or no attention in the market, and while academics and others are able to find various classic texts in (a few) specialist libraries, there has been little or nothing available to the growing band of schoolchildren, learners of English and casual readers. Secondly, there is an increasing interest among genre readers who might wish to expand their knowledge of European fiction in their particular field. Finally, there has been a growing attention to books which can illuminate the personality of various European nationalities, especially in Scandanavia and the East.  

When we started publishing under the name Profusion, in 2011, our aim was to bring aspects of East European literary culture, hitherto unknown in Britain, to the attention of the reading public. This was because most publications from the region were, more or less, “highbrow”, while popular stories and genres such as crime fiction tended to go unnoticed. Our list of books and authors is therefore a factor in increasing knowledge throughout Europe about the life and prospects of ordinary men and women in the region.

Profusion list:
“Report on the State of Loneliness” by Augustin Buzura
“Attack in the Library” by George Arion
“Rimaru - Butcher of Bucharest” by Mike Phillips and Stejarel Olaru
“The Innocent and Collateral Victims of a Bloody War with Russia” by Liviu Antonesei
“Greuceanu – Novel with a Policeman” by Stelian Turlea
“Kill the General” by Bogdan Hrib
“Anatomical Clues” by Oana Stoica-Mujea

All Profusion books are available in paperback from and , as well as Kindle e-books. Books are available in Romania as well, from ‘Anthony Frost’ English bookshop in Bucharest ( Books can also be purchased by cheque. Send an e-mail at for details.


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