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Novelist Augustin Buzura speaking about “Report on the State of Loneliness” - 16 October 2016

“Report on the State of Loneliness” marks a concluding moment in Augustin Buzura’s great series of novels about the Central European social and political landscape. He explores, without reserve, over more than 70 years, its clashes of nationalisms, its cruelty and militaristic savagery, its loves and romantic fantasies, its peasant transformations, its desperate longing for European significance, and much, much more. All this is seen through the eyes of individuals, naïve and sophisticated, ignorant and learned, spiritually pure and downright evil. (Mike Phillips - Introduction)

Profusion (London, 2016), ISBN-13: 978-0956867643
Translated from the Romanian by Ramona Mitrica, Mike Phillips and Mihai Risnoveanu

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